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What’s in a name? 

You may have noticed it sounds quite a lot like “Plate du jour”, a French term for plate of the day. Here we offer several weekly specials. Azure is a shade of blue like the sky. Plate d’Azure is a play on words referencing the blue plate specials popular in the past. We serve the majority of our dishes on white plates, but if your meal is served on one of our special blue plates, you will receive one complimentary dessert on your next visit.

Our goal is to provide you with delicious food at affordable prices in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Open up this menu and please don’t hesitate to ask questions. All items are prepared fresh on the premises and local ingredients are used whenever possible. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions you have so that we can accommodate your needs.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and we welcome your comments.


Bob Miller
Chef & Owner